Drugs Offences

Classification of Illegal Pharmaceuticals

Illegal drugs fall into three categories or classes – A, B and C, with class A viewed most seriously by the authorities.

  • Class A– examples include Ecstasy, Cocaine, LSD, Heroin and Methadone.
  • Class B– examples include Amphetamines and Cannabis.
  • Class C– examples include Anabolic Steroids and Ketamine.

Our solicitors have years of experience in defending drugs cases ranging from Class C possession charges within the Justice of the Peace Court to production and supply charges prosecuted within the High Court. We have extensive knowledge of the Misuse of Drugs Act 197,1 which governs all drugs related offences in Scotland. A key mistake that people make is believing their case is lost if they are found in possession of a controlled drug. However, there are various procedures which the Police must follow prior to carrying out a drugs search and if these have not been done correctly then you may have a strong defence to the charge.

If you are found in possession of a controlled drug or charged with any of the offences under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 then we recommend that you contact us to book a free consultation with one of our solicitors immediately. We defend the following misuse of drugs charges;

  • Possession of a controlled drug
  • Possession with intent to supply
  • Being concerned in the supply of a controlled drug
  • Production and supply of controlled drugs
  • Cultivation of cannabis
  • Drugs Trafficking

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